Strava #FebFifteen

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I see Cyclingtips blog is holding their own Strava Challenge.

15hrs in 7days. Australia vs. the World. Which ever team logs the most hours wins.

Who's entered?


  • smidsy
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    No Point. Australia has Durianrider :-)
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  • If we can get as many people as possible riding, I'm sure we can take 'em on.

    Privateer's trying to bring riders together. At least in SA we have good weather at the moment and the Argus Cycle Tour coming up, so it's possible.
  • smidsy wrote:
    No Point. Australia has Durianrider :-)

    This guy? I'm scared just looking at his profile. Hopefully next week is his off week.
  • I signed up myself. A 2hr 15min ride everyday breaks past 15. Finally a challenge I can do.
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  • Mikey23
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    I think that durian will beat us all on his own... I'm sure that guy cycles in his sleep
  • MattyyP
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    I'll be joining in! Anything to beat the Aussies! :lol:
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  • Strith
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    In, will force me to spend less time on the rollers/turbo and get out in the shitty weather.

    Don't worry about durianrider, he'll be busy stuffing his asshole with 30 bananas a day, and shouting NO POWER METER, NO POWER METER.
  • This kicks off today. Hope that we can get enough kids to ride their asses off and beat the Aussies.
  • MattyyP
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    Only managed an hour and twenty minutes today :( Going to hit it hard tomorrow though, looking to do at least 60 miles! Will post the strava link to my probably relatively poor efforts tomorrow evening :lol:
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  • For a change I'm top of the leaderboard :)

    Keep putting those hours in chaps, looks a fairly mild weekend weather-wise compared to the last couple of months! Surely riding out in 0-5 degrees counts for double that of an easy Australian ride!?