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Garmin edge 705

Buckie2k5Buckie2k5 Posts: 600
edited June 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi there, just bought myself a refurbed 705. Anyone using a 705 or 800 for that matter can recommend me some good oem maps as it doesnt have the map pack included only HRM and cadence.



  • handfulhandful Posts: 920
    Check out the OSM maps on Talkytoaster. Just Google it, as good or better in my opinion than the ones gatmin try and flog.
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  • nice one, ill have a look. Hopefully have it before weekend and i can give it a try. Cheers.
  • You can get a variety of Garmin maps here: ... Garmin_Map

    And the talky toaster ones look good too:
  • fsmanfsman Posts: 112
    I highly recommend talkytoaster.
    if you want map with the ul cycle routes then try my maps ... incycleuk/
  • I downloaded talkytoaster maps and had a look at them through garmin basecamp. They look just the ticket :). Now all i need is my garmin... Thanks lads.
  • Talkytoaster maps installed working a treat ;) Got to give thumbs up to great price and delivered 2 days later. Refurbed but all in original new packaging, unit looks brand new. 12 months warranty included.

    Why people are bidding crazy prices on 2nd hand units on fleabay is beyond me.
  • woodsawoodsa Posts: 5
    Massively old topic I know but I've just got myself a 2nd hand Edge 705. I've downloaded the maps from talkytoaster but i can't seem to view it on Garmin. It's on the SD card, it's ticked in map settings but I still get the open street map when I view anything. A right pain in the proverbial as I was trying to use it in the lakes this week. Any light shed on the matter would be greatly received.
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