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Curse of the Torx?

DanDax1990DanDax1990 Posts: 1,201
edited February 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Second time I've had to take rotors off... Second time I've had problems with the bolts.

The rear bolts came out fine but 3 of the bolts on the front wheel won't come out and have started to round off. What am I doing wrong?

The first time I had issues I took the wheel to my LBS and he got the bolt out and replaced them with Hope titanium bolts, saying they were the best bolts for rotors. These are the bolts I'm having problems with.

Is it because they're too tight? Too much thread lock?

Also, what's ny best bet of getting the culprits out? And... Which boots should I replace them with?

Cheers guys.


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