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winter/summer wheels

anthdcianthdci Posts: 543
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For those lucky enough to have 2 sets of wheels for their commuter, when do you change between them? I've had the standard wheels that came with my Tricross with some Swalbe Marathon Plus for the winter, but also got a set of fulcrum racing 5s with Conti GP 4000s for the summer. I've currently got the wheels off after a massive piece of metal got through the marathon plus, and i couldn't be bothered to change it at the road side so rang for a lift home. So now the wheels are off I don't know whether to put the fulcrums on for the summer, or whether it is too early, I don't want to ruin them with road salt?


  • YIManYIMan Posts: 576
    I'd put the nicer wheels on when it's dry and sunny. Easy enough to swap them over again on wetter days.
  • anthdcianthdci Posts: 543
    yea but the trouble with that is I leave for work at 7.30 so having to check the weather to change my wheels which includes changing the cassette over. too time taking.
  • dav1dav1 Posts: 1,298
    I took my summer bike out last week, instantly regretted it when we went down a crappy road.

    For me the winter bike is in full winter gear for a couple more weeks, athough the dry weather is testing me atm :lol:
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  • anthdcianthdci Posts: 543
    yea was tempted by the summer wheels but I think I've made the right call by putting the winter wheels back on. Gave the bike a quick clean and the grime that came off it was amazing/embarrassing.
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    Get another cassette ....

    Plus it's reasonably easy to check the forecast the day before ...

    I must admit, I'm tempted to take the roadbike as it's mostly dry around here atm, but I've settled for swapping some 25mm tyres onto the tricross (replacing the 32mm standard ones) ... but thats going to have to swap back this weekend if I want to do some trails ...
  • I have a cheapo fort bike with sora and r500 wheels as my winter bike and a vitus 'razor' with veloce and scirrocco wheels as my summer bike.
  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,271
    If you know you're going to be commuting for consecutive rides then just leave the strong wheels on. Absolutely no point fitting the light ones just for commuting.
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  • clarkey catclarkey cat Posts: 3,641
    just have a different cassette on the winter wheels and summer wheels.

    Try to do equal-ish mileage on each
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