CX sizing question.

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Hello, Im now at the point where Im trying out some cx bikes to find one I like and can get on with. Im 5,3 and today tried a size 49 Tricross,I found that the top tube was high in that there was no space at all between that and the top of my legs. The guy in the shop said that doesnt really matter but I've always been told you need some clearance etc. what do people think about the minimum for clearance etc.
The bike is supposedly for the 5 foot -5 foot 3 range.
The problem is I've never had a road bike before and I'm not really sure what I need to be looking for regarding fit etc. Thanks a lot.


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    Standover clearance is more important on a CX bike as you are more likely to put your foot down when riding uneven ground, at least from a comfort factor. However, for your size you're towards the limit of how small you can build a CX bike with 700c wheels without wierd geometry / front wheel overlap which again matters for slow manoeuvring / technical offroad. Tricross comes in a 46cm frame which might be better
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    Sounds a bit big to me, especially if going off road.
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  • Thanks guys.
    Yeah I thought that, because a person needs a bit of clearance.Apart from that I had a fastish ride round the city centre and found it o.k to ride, when I worked out how to change the gears etc.It felt very strange compared to my hardtail.Im going to try quite a few out before I make my choice.