CX Build

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Now that my summer race bike is finished my bike shed is empty and i want a new task. after some though and consideration i have decide to try something different and go for a CX bike. reason being that on the odd day i wish i had an mtb to go onto Dartmoor on or down a county cycle path.

I bought this frame of eBay for a whooping £.99

i have sand blasted it and will spray it black.

So i will build it ip for approximately £150 or as cheap as possible. i dont know much about cx so i am after advice.

i will use canti leaver brakes. but what rims do i use? can i use normal 700c road rims with a cx tyre? what with are cx tyres? 28mm?

what sort of bars do i use? road race? touring?

any other differences i don't know about/should know about?

many thanks.