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Headset help needed.

bailsofhaybailsofhay Posts: 191
edited February 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
I just got a new Token CADAC x headset to go with some new forks. I had a play about with them in the LBS and particularly looked at how the bottom sealed bearings seated on the crown race which was a good flush connection. When I got it home and installed the crown race I slipped the bottom cup on to see how it fitted and it is no longer flush at all. No matter how I twist the cup it the steerer always is slightly closer to one inner edge of the cup and the bearings don't seem to sit properly. I can also confirm they are the right way around ie i haven't mixed the top and bottom ones.

I don't want to install the cups on my frame on the off chance this misalignment will cause a problem and I'm not sure the LBS will even accept it as a return as the race has already been installed.

Anyone else experienced such an issue if it actually is one?


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