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rodgierodgie Posts: 5
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posted this in the road bije section but gonna try here too...

I have been commuting for the last 5 months on my GT Backwoods mountain bike (must be getting on 15 year old), 25 mile round trip and its served me well but seems hard work. I have fitted Continental Travel Contact tyres and a rack, but they are the only modifications. And the front mech is being replaced now. Anywho, been looking at various bikes to cut down the 1 hour commute, was looking at max £600. Today at the LBS thye have a 2012 Forme Calver X (canti version) in my size for £700. Its seems a good deal...

Ive looked at the boardman hybrid and race, been into edinburgh cycles and liked the look of the Revolution Audax there, and have seen Kona Honky Tonks for £650. I want to make my commute a bit easier (tired a=doing it 4 days a week...weak I know), and in the future would like some light touring and try a triathlon or 2. The cyclocross races look very fun but I have to admit that im not fussed about trying one in the near future.

Any help or experience with the Forme bikes? I cant see many reviews about them.

seconds post, returning cyclist after a long time out of the saddle!


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,845
    Why not look at the Forme Longcliffe 4 or 3 more road than cx so probably lighter, I'm currently looking at several bikes on C2W and the Longcliffe 1 is top of my list at the minute.
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  • unixnerdunixnerd Posts: 2,864
    The Revolution Audax looks a good bike, I've had one of their tourers for a decade and it's been a great bike. Not the lightest but I suspect a wheel upgrade would make a huge difference. Stick a rack on that and it's the perfect commuter. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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