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Wye Valley Warrior

Just having a nose at the prices on Wiggle and they're listed as:

Short (49 miles) - £18
Standard (66 miles) - £28
Epic (97 miles) - £28

Noticed other similarly priced Wiggle events. Not much incentive to go for the Standard ride, or do they price it like that as they are the most popular?


  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    The short is more meant for youngsters or families (although obviously not small kids at that mileage!) so they make it a bit more affordable whereas the 66/97 are targeted at adults and you do the one your fitness allows you to
  • at 28quid, theres not alot of incentive to do any of the rides!

    What a Rip off sportives are..
    Crafted in Italy apparantly
  • 66 Is pretty standard I guess, but 97 miles isn't very epic?

    Other than being a target I'm not sure about them either at £28. I'd probably cycle the course in advance anyway so that de-values it further.
  • The wife's parents live 10 minutes away so was v interested and going to ask if anyone could add experience.

    Not done many before but the Epic looks like it has a lot of climbing?

    Think I'm going to do it, based in Brum and bit spoilt for choice without travelling too far.

    Anyone done it before? I did some miles round Monmouth and Tintern Abbey last year which was very nice IMO.
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  • Never ridden them on a road bike but have walked and MTB'd them in the past a lot. Quite a lot of climbing. Short and steep. It really depends on the routes they choose though. They could easily choose the steep bluffs to go up or the gradual slopes.

    97m. 6233ft of climbing. Here's the standard route. Can't find the Epic: ... tandard.en
  • jotkojotko Posts: 457
    Cheers for posting this, this looks good.

    Not done a sportive yet and this looks an interesting one, I am only in Bristol so not too far to go.
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