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Buying Some Helpful Guidelines

VelonutterVelonutter Posts: 4,749 Lives Here
I was asked to post up a few guidelines on buying items through the classifieds on here, these are just some of my thoughts that have helped me, they are not infallible but if followed should help reduce down the potential for being scammed.

1. Before paying for anything via PayPal gift or Bank transfer make sure that you have the sellers address, telephone number and email address.
2. Register your credit card with PayPal and pay using that method as funds, as that way in the event of a claim being dismissed by PayPal you can hopefully fall back on your credit card company.
3. Check the whole forum not just the feedback section for any adverse comments that might affect the sale, it might only be a small comment but could affect your decision to pay for something without seeing it.
4. If in doubt and you still decide to proceed then pay via a normal PayPal transaction and either agree to accept the PayPal fees or use that as part of the negotiations.
5. If you are paying cash on collection then make sure that the advertised description matches your perception, if in doubt then leave alone.
6. Apparently when completing a personal transaction with a private seller once it is complete and the goods are in your possession then there is no recourse through the Small Claims Court, this does not apply when a business is selling you a product.
7. Generally when buying frames or bikes once the item has been registered by the original owner then the warranty remains with them and is not transferable, however if the original owner hasn’t registered the items and is prepared to hand over the original receipt then you may stand a better chance with any warranty claims.
8. If things do go wrong then in the first instance call the seller (you did get his number didn’t you?), back it up with an email, if no success after say a week, then put a post up on the feedback section asking if anyone else has experienced a problem, the seller might genuinely be away on holiday or similar. Be factual and do not defame the seller.
9. Providing you followed the advice, then register a claim with PayPal, give them all the details and be patient, PayPal don’t hurry themselves, but providing you didn’t pay via a gift then you should get your money back, if they decline then providing you have paid via your credit card as funds you could then claim via them.
10. If after say two weeks or earlier if you are really sure that you have been scammed or defrauded out of money then consider registering the problem on or call them on 0300 123 2040, let others know in the feedback section and if there is still a live post in the classifieds that you have had a problem, that way it will reduce the amount of other members being scammed.
11. If you have had to report a claim with Action Fraud then it may help to let the seller know that you have reported him, it’s surprising what the fear of a visit by the police will produce.
12. Don’t withdraw your claim with Action Fraud until everyone has been satisfied, as it can reduce the impact of the scam/problem with them.
13. There is no point contacting the police directly as they will only refer you to Action Fraud.
14. Always after having a transaction with a member leave feedback.
15. Finally Future publishing aren’t liable for anything going wrong with a sale and you have no recourse through them, however it is always worth sending one of the moderators a personal message letting them know what has gone on so they can decide if the member/scammer needs action to be taken on his account.

I hope this helps, if you think you can add anything then I'm sure other members would appreciate it.

Safe riding!
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