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Trek Neko SL

hethdochethdoc Posts: 3
edited February 2013 in Commuting general
Wondered if anyone could give me their opinion on the Trek Neko SL? Looking to buy a bike that I can use to commute 3 days/week (roads + cycle paths, 20 mile round trip) plus the occasional 2-3 hour ride at weekends (again, roads + cycle paths plus a little off-roading if an interesting route catches my eye). I have a good mountain bike for proper off-roading but finding it a little cumbersome for my work commute.

Went to my local bike shop today who strongly recommended either the Trek Neko S or Trek Neko SL - are there any people out there who own one and tell me what they think? Also looking for advice on frame size if I go for it. I'm 5'6''/5'7''. Took the 16'' frame for a test ride today which felt a little small (I think). Will the 18'' be ridiculously big or OK?

Thanks in advance!


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