Shoulder Pain

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Hi, hoping to get a bit of advice adjusting my setup.

I've had my road bike now for around 6 months but i get burning type pain in my right shoulder after about 20miles on the bike. I'm up to about 60 mile rides now and during this is doesn't get any better (but doesn't get worse), but it does usually seem to go a few hours after the ride if not it's gone by the nest day.

I'm 6 1 and have a 57cm Triban 5. When i bought the bike the guy at Decathon who seemed to know what he was doing got me setup up on it and adjusted the seat hight to what he thought was right for me and it felt fine, but being new to road cycling i didn't know any better.

I've read a lot of posts on this forum regarding seat height, position, stem length and flipping the stem but i really have no idea what to adjust first. My position on the bike does feel ok but like i said i don't really know any better and as i'm getting the pain in my shoulder it's obviously not right.

Any advice on what to change/adjust first would be great.


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    Stretching will help as will relaxing/ pushing your shoulders back so you aren't keeping the entire area tight. Position could be an issue but that isn't something I can advise on
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  • Go a get a proper professional bike fit where they put you on the trainer look at you cycling, your bike, all your measurements etc.They will be able to sort out if its your bike causing an issue or not and will set you up properly.
    If you live in West Yorkshire I can give you a name.If not then ask the forum for recommendations of fitters in your area.
  • Thanks for the replies. I noticed the other night while on the turbo my arms were quite stiff so need to try relaxing them more while out on a ride. I did relax them during the turbo session and i seemed fine.

    As a newby i thought a professional fit was a little overboard but this might just sort out the problem so might look into it. I'm in Cheshire so if anone can recommend one i'd be grateful.