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Mike Kowal - Carbon Road Bike

ollienorthollienorth Posts: 12
edited February 2013 in Road stolen
Hi all,

I had a pretty rare Mike Kowal Road Bike Stolen from the Warrington area in the early hours of Monday 11th Feb 2013. I'm pretty sure the thieves don't know what they have as they left my Litespeed mountain bike on the other side of the fence they jumped over to break into my shed. They stole the bike and a few power tools so my assumption is that they weren't specifically after the bikes.

I had expected it to be pretty easy to locate as I have never seen another one and I'm a pretty keen cyclist. but aside from scouring the local cash converter type shops and ebay and Gumtree I have so far drawn a blank.

The bike is Black and Blue and white, with the black being unpainted carbon fibre, it has very distinctive white Mike Kowal lettering on the down tube. The Wheels are white Shimano with white and black tires. It has ITM Stem, bars and seat tube, a Specialized seat and an FSA crank with Look pedals.

If anyone hears of a Mike Kowal bike or frame being sold can you let me know. As I say there are fairly few out there so there's a high chance it could be mine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

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