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New Alu bike

curiumcurium Posts: 815
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Unfortunately my beloved 2009 Tricross Sport is no more following a SMIDSY :cry:

A moment of silence please...

Regardless of what happens with White-Van Man(TM), the Police and Insurance companies, I will be getting back on the road.

I only have room for one bike so it will have to be aluminium rather than carbon, I would like at least 105 front & rear derailleur and preferably suitable eyelets (or whatever they're called) to allow proper mud guards in winter and 2 bottle cages.

I used the Tricross infrequently off-road. It was mainly used for my daily commute on 700x28 tyres with Sunday rides, summer sportives and it's been up Ventoux 5 times. I really loved the Tricross. It was my first road bike. I bought it because I'd always had hybrids previously and was worried that at 95kg a proper road bike would be too fragile.

I now weigh 86kg and am considerably fitter then when I first got the Tricross.

I'm looking to spend around £1000 possibly stretching to £1,500 if it also comes with good wheels.

I am undecided about buying online or at the LBS. I am competent enough to put together a bike bought online but am concerned about sizing. I would rather sit on the bike and perhaps even ride it before buying but can't overlook the value to be found online.
I had a 61 in the Tricross but am aware that things like geometry mean I can't just pick any bike in that size and expect it to fit (I had to buy a Thompson lay-back seat post to improve my fit on the Tricross).

I'm looking for advice on current models that are in my price band that other people can recommend from experience as well as information on the different bottom-bracket technologies with respect to durability and ease of maintenance. The tricross has a square-taper sealed unit bottom bracket that seemed pretty bullet proof and was cheap to replace.

Also looking for info on brakes: I have plenty of experience with the canti- brakes found on CX bikes. They were sensitive to toe but I found them acceptable.

I only have experience with Shimano derailleurs (Tiagra) and have found them reliable and easy to maintain so would be nervous about changing to SRAM unless it was financially advantageous for similar level equipment (I'm assuming that Campag is beyond my price range).

Thanks for any help.



    Caad10 105 decent enough wheels, it could prob be picked up for around £1200
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    Could do worse than consider the Forme Longcliffe 1.0. Alu frame (made by Kinesis) and 105 drivetrain as you require. It also has front and rear eyelets to allow full guards to be fitted. Spec details here and review by Cycling Active:- ... 1-0-999-99

    I have to admit a slight bias as I have just bought one of the Loncliffe frames as the basis of a build project for my winter bike.

    A 2nd hand Longcliffe 2.0 model was being offered recently in the classified section:-


    That will give you an idea of how it looks with full guards fitted.
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