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Kona Cyclo Cross for Commuting?

uzapucauzapuca Posts: 103
edited March 2013 in Commuting general
Hi guys,

Have anyone have some Kona's Cyclo Cross bike like Jake the Snake or Major Jack ? ... _the_snake

I know they are Cyclo Cross bikes but i thought of using them as dual purpose bike like Commuting and Off Road track too. Is it worth it? or maybe there is a better combination for a all around bike kind of style.



  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 23,432 Lives Here
    Yes, I've used a jake for the last 3 years. The only downside is the cantilever brakes are not very good and need setting up carefully. I'd go for something with disc brakes if possible.
  • RowanMRowanM Posts: 20
    I'd love to hear more opinions on the Jake as well. I'm riding the Giro d'Italia for charity this year, and will be doing it fully loaded with touring gear, and was thinking of the Jake.

    I notice this year it comes with discs, and it sounds as though that is an essential upgrade. I like the triple chainring on it, though I am looking at changing out the rear derailleur for something that will take a 34 tooth cog, because there are some big hills in Italy. I would love to hear if anyone has used one for fairly heavy touring though? I am a bit worried about frame flex with heavy panniers on it?

    I'm riding the Giro d'Italia for charity in 2013. Check it out at!
  • Another bike in the Kona range this year is the Rove. Been looking into similar myself and am swaying towards this.
    Drop bars and disc brakes, room for big tyres and guards, steel, rack mounts. nice colour. (nearly) perfect, if the price fits!
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