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Any ideas for upgrading my GT Arrowhead?

GT-ArrowheadGT-Arrowhead Posts: 2,507
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Hey, I was looking to upgrade my GT Arrowhead for the summer because it is my favorite bike and i need something to go to and from school with. Ive rebuilt it already in October 2012 but i am looking to give it another upgrade and possibly some decals aswell. (Sorry about the image, it had to be made smaller and squished inwards a little, and everything on it is red, not pink it just looks that way LOL)

Does anyone have any ideas on how i could upgrade this? ive already started by swapping those black rims (which arent very good) for alloys from a GT Outpost which i am very happy with.

Also, do you think putting GT Decals on this would ruin it or make it better?
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