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Carbon MTB seat tube crack

Halim BKHalim BK Posts: 2
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Hi ...
This is the first time I post a topic here and I would have been happier if it was about something else.
Yesterday, I was cleaning my Mountain Bike (a green VIPER X-RACE XT / SLX ( ... 72001.html )) when I saw a crack in my seat tube. The crack is 1.3 inches (3.4 cm) long and i can feel it when I pass my finger over it.

Here is the Image (I put some white pouder over it so it can be seen: it's under the bottle cage screw...)
How it happened ? I am not sure ,but I had a problem earlier that day. It was raining and I was biking on the road back to home when suddenly the chain jammed in the front derailleur. I stopped right away and pulled the chain softly back to its place. I was going up a bridge so the crack may be caused by the pedal kick when the chain jammed. I am not sure. But here I am now with cracked seat tube.
Do you think this is serious or I can bike with it normally?

I am a student and I bought this bike here in Tunisia..I invested all my economies on this bike and I only made around 120 miles (190 km) with it. We do not have certified sellers or carbon repairs here in Tunisia and I can't offord to ship it for fixing.
I am really desperate...please help :'(


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    looks like the bolt has been over tightened.

    I would get in contact with the place you bought the bike from and see what they have to say before doing anything else.
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