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Xbox 360, Good driving games??

allthegearnoideaallthegearnoidea Posts: 4,077
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Evening peeps,
just after some pointers to decent driving games for the Xbox 360?? we've recently been given one after mother inlaw won it via edf rewards, came with the kinect and some games, but nothing all that enthraling!! ;-) really fancy a decent ish driving game, not played any driving games since the PS2 days and need for speed underground and the Gran Turismo's upto 4?? - i thinkit was 4! had a quick look on ebay and under the cheapies the first 100 games seem to be either project gotha racing or various Versions of Forza, a few variations of need for speed games appear too but i've no idea whih are worth a punt for a few hours entertainment when the wfes at pilates ad the kids are in bed, Telly's barely worth watching at the mo ;-) dont ideally want to spend masses so was thinking around a tenner!

many thanks in advance,
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