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Bike Stolen Last Night

MSByrneMSByrne Posts: 52
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Well idiotic me, I rode to my friends house late last night and left my bike outside for five minutes and came out to find it gone! I've never had a bike stolen before, but I can seriously identify with how terrible it feels now.
It was at about 12:30 am in the NW1 region of London (near Kentish town) and the bike was a blue and white Specialized Secteur. The handlebar tape is scuffed at the bottom right from a crash not long ago and the tyres have been replaced with Hutchinson ones. It also had a lock bracket on the downtube and a broken pump mount on it.
If anyone sees anything like it for sale anywhere, I'd be delighted to know. I am amazed at how little time it took for a thief to show up in a relatively quiet road and steal my (quite well hidden) bike. The front door was open and I guess I could only have missed him by a minute or so!


  • Feel for you mate its not a nice position to be in.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
  • I remember when I was sitting on the bus home (whilst watching my friends cycle away through the window) after having my road bike stolen... worst feeling ever, felt like I had just been stabbed in the stomach, I feel your pain.

    Now I use two gold rated D-Locks. Always.

    Will keep an eye out for you.

    What colour was the saddle, bar tape etc.?
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