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Hi all, I am looking for help to get my mojo back. Have been riding for a couple of years with mixed results and thought I was getting quite good but a while ago work changed and I have had no time to ride in the passed 5 months have been slowly putting on weight and getting out of shape. What I really need is some motivation and tips to me back into loving the bikes in the garage.
The main issues are that I work long nights and need to do the school runs so only have about 5 hours a day to train or sleep. Days off really need to have a bit of quality family time. 1 day off tends to be in the week to one day is quite free if I can get up off my arse.
I have given running a try as a quick substitute and quite enjoy it but even that has stopped.
Please please help :D
Thanks guys


  • Its not that easy to get back on the bike, but boy is it worth it.

    Have you considered riding your bike to work even if its only 1 day a week to start? Would be a good way to get some miles in, cheaper than driving to work (unless your a lorry driver) will get your fitness back up slowly and should help you with making sure you readdress your eating.

    Welcome to the forum by the way!
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  • Hi Danlikebikes, thanks for the warm welcome. I have previously ridden to work and loved it but that was when I worked days, now its nights it becomes a bit less appealing, it's only 10 miles (quite lumpy though) but I need to get back for the school run. Tell you what, when my boss gets back I from holiday next week I am going to negotiate a 30 min early finish once a week. Will let you know how I get on. We are making progress, cheers
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    hi and welcome,maybe get a turbo in doors and do an hour a day even if its just on your days off.Also a quick half an hour before the school run could help.Little steps still make long journeys.good luck.
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    Don't take this the wrong way, but do you 'need' to do a school run?

    I was walking 2-300 m through the estate I lived on to school with my sister, unsupervised at 7 years old and at 11, I had a 3/4 km walk through a cemetry followed by a 20 minute bus ride and then another 3/4 km walk to the school gates.
  • Fitting in the family is also important to get that work/life balance. You could always when not riding to and from work do the school run by bike too as its all miles in the bank.

    As for weekends I have found it helps if i can get the other half involved so we often arrange to meet at a park, cafe whatever suits really and I ride to it. Our nearest one is only 1 mile away, but I can on the weekend get a quick 10 miles in before the other half walks it & then ride back the short route or the long route.

    Theres lots of ways of getting your miles in you just sometimes have to get a bit inventive, but that makes enjoying it all the more sweet.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
  • I do have a turbo gathering dust in the garage, really don't like it but I like being big even less so may give it a go.
    School run is a bit of a 'nice thing to do whilst kids still young' . They are possibly old enough to walk each other but have asked to start cycling again so that may be a option next week.
    Doing big miles did not used to be too much of an issue, I managed to get a few 100+ mile days in last year but 50 would possibly be it at the moment, it's the time that'e the problem. Maybe a quick 10/15 miles may be better to start with.
    I am feeling motivated already. Monday is my next day off, may venture into the garage to dig out the turbo at the weekend. Cheers guys, keep em coming and if I don't let you know how it's going give me a nudge.
  • If Monday is your day off get out on the bike instead of being stuck inside. Your more likely to fall in love with cycling again in the fresh open air than stuck in the garage on a turbo.
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
  • Cheers Danlikesbikes, the wife has got to go to hospital on Monday and I needed to work out a way of getting her car back so don't have to pay the parking for a couple of days. Going to ride now that's to the motivation you guys have given me. It's about 35 miles so should be a perfect distance to see how out of shape I am.
  • I think you need to make getting on the bike an important part of your weekly schedule, it sounds like one of the main reasons you want to ride is to slim down and lose weight, well surely something that important deserves its own spot in your schedule. I appreciate that everyone has commitments and its not always easy but there should be some "me time" a couple of times a week. Using a turbo will be quick and convenient if you are still working how best to fit the time in, the increased fitness and well being you are sure to get will then no doubt help with your long ride, it then just becomes a knock on effect. You'll want more time on the bike so work harder to fit it in. Work, life balance cannot be underestimated imo.
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    Hmmm I'm not one for tough love but it sounds like a whole heap of excuse making.

    Get the turbo out and just get on with it and start commuting what's all this extra 1/2 hour to leave early just ride your bike 10 miles in an evil tin box or 10 miles of cycling - discussion over. It does take much longer and you'll soon be back in shape and wondering why you didn't do from the beginning
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  • Quick update, out for a flatish 17 miles today, no where near old pace but its a start. Planning a 35 miler tomorrow.

    Thanks guys.