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2009 Allez - Upgrading to 105?

zoglugzoglug Posts: 212
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Hey everyone,

I have what appears to be a 2009 Allez double (could have sworn it was older than that!). I have completely dismantled the bike after it has been stood for the last 4 months (due to another accident). The chain and rear mech require replacement. From what i understand, it has got a 9 speed tiagra short cage mech on it. Ive been browsing a few sites and very few have this in stock which is a bit disappointing, those that do, they seem very expensive. If i am unable to get one, what would you recommend i replace it with? I dont fancy purchasing a sora derailleur (though the rest of the bike is equipped with it) and the 105's seem to all be 10 speed. I dont want to spend too much on one, as i use the bike to commute and it takes a bit of a beating. Im saving for a better bike.

Any advice would be fantastic..
Thanks in advance.



  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Put a post in the Wanted section of the classifieds if you do not wish to pay new prices.

    Otherwise its any shimano rear mech at full price (they are not actually speed specific, they just move how much the sti lever tells them to).

    e.g the 105 10 speed will do the job.
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  • why not a sora? They work fine and dont think you would notice a difference to an older 9 speed tiagra mech (this years sora is last years tiagra after all :wink: )

    iirc I asked a similar question on here a while back and was told that 10 speed road mechs arent like the mtb variety so you can use a 10 speed mech with 9 speed shifters but it may be worth waiting until someone comes along to confirm this before ordering.

    I actually have a 9 speed sora mech that has never been out of its wrapper as I didnt find out until after I had bought a 105 mech for a 10 speed setup only to be told that the Sora mech would have worked fine.
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    I already have confirmed it...shheeesshhh ;-)
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  • smidsy wrote:
    I already have confirmed it...shheeesshhh ;-)

    *note to self* learn to type with more than 1 finger on each hand :oops:
  • zoglugzoglug Posts: 212
    Hey everyone,

    Firstly, many thanks for the advice on the rear mech. I picked one up from CRC and it is great. I havent tested it on the road just yet as i only got round to fitting it last night.

    It did get me thinking whether or not i should begin to look to upgrade my complete groupset to 105? Most of the parts are original so the shifters, chainset, front mech, brakes are all still sora, rear cassette is a 9 spd tiagra. If i picked up a complete set from Ribble cycles, it all should fit straight onto the bike shouldnt it? And give me an entertaining weekend? And if i decide to update the frame, i guess i could port the bits over?

    Any advice would be great
  • Should be fine as long as you change the cassette when you change the shifters.
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    Might be worth bearing in mind that a new 105 groupset would cost more than the bike is worth and not make it a fantastic bike but the same bike with slightly crisper shifting, about 100g* lighter and leave you with more cost for the replacement of components. Why not think about what you are trying to achieve and then go from there?

    For example, looking to add some zip? Decent tyres and a decent wheelset. Better braking? Some decent pads or new cartridges with decent pads? Want to train harder/go faster? Sign up on Strava :)

    *guesstimate based on nothing factual.
  • nevmannevman Posts: 1,611
    I upgraded my Allez to 10 speed Tiagra when the original groupset wore out.Very happy with the set up.
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