Its pancake tuesday...

Cleat Eastwood
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unless you read this tomorrow in which case it isnt.

I like nutella and warm banana on mine - but my pancake I have with sugar and lemon :lol:

Is anyone radical enough to try savoury pancakes?
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  • Is anyone radical enough to try savoury pancakes?

    Findus :wink:
  • Bobbinogs
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    Is anyone radical enough to try savoury pancakes?

    They're very nice if you cook up a load and then roll, filling with some puy lentils cooked up with chopped onions, bay leaves, red wine and tomato puree. Then, cover with a home made bechamel sauce and bake in the oven. Heh heh, it's just like mumsnet :)
  • team47b
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    savory option...

    If you leave out the ingredients I can't eat, ie the sugar and the white flour, you are left with milk and egg pancakes or scrambled eggs as they are called

    Cleat, for perfect scrambled eggs you need a knob of butter :D
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  • Here at the Dynamicbrick Hot Cheese Research Lab, we've been experimenting with pancakes toppings for most of the day, led by the 6yr old junior member of the team.

    Current favourite seems to be Marmite and peanut butter, at the same time.