35mm rims 60mm valve pump?

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Got some 35mm Campy wheels on order, also some 60mm valved inner tubes... Will my standard mini pump fit or will I need to buy one of the Lezyne type pumps? Cheers.


  • iPete
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    your pump will work with whatever valve system they have, ie presta or shrader, nothing to do with length.

  • smidsy
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    How far does the head of your pump go onto the valve stem?

    With the combo you describe you have approx 25mm of exposed valve stem to play with.
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  • Your mini pump should be fine.

    As simdsy says with the depth of wheels you have ordered the tubes should give you enough valve to fit your pump onto depending on how much you need to push the valve head into the pump. Just check it against your existing tub and measure how far in the valve goes is its under 25mm you'll be fine.
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  • i have the same problem and i was fine all i found was long stem tubes are expensive
    so i buy small length ones and just screw on a valve extender they cost about $5 each but last for ever
    much better than paying through the nose for long stem tubes. on a ride i ran out of tubes and had to fork out £11 for a bontrager tube
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  • Wrath Rob
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    I've got 60mm tubes on 50mm deep rims and my track and mini-pumps work fine so with 35mm rims you should be OK. When the tyre is completely flat you may have to push the valve out a little by applying some pressure on the tyre in order to present enough length, so to speak. After a couple of pumps there should be plenty of length to get a good grip on and finish the job.

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