trying to get a Legal position on a Felt B12?

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Simply put, I can't get the nose of the saddle (prologo nago evo tri 40 - came as stock) into what i think is a legal position (50mm behind centre of the BB).

The felt seatpost throws the saddle well forward (it can't be reversed); with the saddle in the middle of the rails, the nose is barely 10mm behind the BB and i've only got 20mm of movement on the rails.

It's a 58cm frame and I'm 6'4 so I'm already running a 830mm distance from BB to top of saddle. anyone with shorter legs than me must surely be in an even worse position as lowering the saddle height will bring it forward.

All this leads me to conclude that i have probably done something wrong with the setup or measurement or reading the rules, but help would be much appreciated. I'd be very keen to hear how anyone else with the same or similar bike has fared.

Before you say it, yes I'm looking to go for a proper fit with the TT bike, but i did want to get some miles in first so that i have an idea of what suits me.

And no, i'm not about to enter any UCI races just yet :lol: , but it seemed a good idea to start off legal rather than have to change a comfortable position some time down the road.


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    Standard setup is for tri and is also ok for ctt races in England. I think felt make a setback seat post for riders who need to be uci legal.