Garmin Edge 200 resuming a course

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Hi guys

Any Edge 200 experts out there?

I did an audax today (beautiful weather for it!) and had downloaded someones course to the garmin. Everything was going swimmingly until I got the first stop and went in the cafe. It must have lost the GPS signal and decided to switch itself off. Fine, switched it on, but then had no idea how to resume.

There was a black rectangle in the middle of the menus with the time in it, so it obviously knew i was in the middle of something. I clicked the Ride button, and there it had Resume. Now I thought, aha, that sounds about right and pressed that, but instead of showing me the route it just said Back to Start at the bottom! I couldn't change it.

There was also a button top left that said "Stop Sat Nav", and if you pressed that it changed to "Back to Start", and would cycle between the two. But it would never get back to the original course.

Any one got any ideas what I should have done??