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roaddenroadden Posts: 2
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Chris Boardman hybrid ltd disc size small stolen from Audenshaw Manchester 11.00am Friday morning.

Frame - white, black carbon forks, sram rival double tap gearing, shimano mtb spd's. Specific mark, there is a slight groove on the top of the left hand side of the fork as sitting on the bike due to slight cable rub.

Put my bike in the porch going out for a ride went to set alarm behind living room door and a little git jumped on my bike and rode off. Chased him by flagging down three different drivers as he went through alleyways ( there are some nice people out there). Nearly got him but slipped as still had my bike shoes on.


  • Blimey, the thieves are getting more brazen aren't they?

    Did you recognise the thief? I sometimes think knowing the toerags around your immediate area has its advantages. I have seen a few looking at my bike, but I think they know I would find out its them.

    Any Pics etc?

    Hope you get it back.


  • I so wish you had caught the little %^&*.

    Good luck.
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