Look Carbon Frames: A History

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Hi Guys!
I'm looking for some help from inside experts, so where better to go than bike radar...

Look made the first pure bred single piece carbon fibre frame in 1986, the KG-86.
There have been lots of others since then as they develop new techniques and designs. What I'm looking for is posts telling the year a frame was first released, and the price it came out at?
Gonna build me a timeline of industry developments for my degree investigation.


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    If we give you the answers do we get the degree!!!!
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    Try Retrobike forum or the retrobike thread on Roadbikereview forum - there are some Look afficianados out there. As for the KG-86 being the first 'all-carbon' frame it depends on your definition as it had alloy lugs. The other 'players' at this time were Vitus, Alan, Kestrel, Calfee (Carbonframes). Price-wise, the KG-86 was about £1200 from memory, which was about twice the price of other top-end frames.
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