bad back

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I went out today for only my 3 ever ride and did 16 miles but by the time i had finished my lower back was killing me,i did 9 miles the other day and it was no bother, do u think that this could be how im riding or just the fact i am new to this and not used to sitting on a bike cheers


  • Could well just be being new and getting used to it - 9 to 16 miles is almost doubling your distance, maybe just too big a jump if you are not fit and felxible already ? - or could well be poor bike fit. Did you get it fitted properly when you bought it?
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    A good bike fit will make a big difference, as will more riding and growing more used to being on the bike. Do both
  • Lower back issues are quite common as you won't have used the muscles in that way, think most people go through it to be honest.

    You can always do some simple exercises, BR has quite a few pages in the training section but this link gives quite a good selection - ... ack-24568/
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.