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De Vos Racefietsen Shop in Holland

CormacCormac Posts: 18
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Has anyone bought any frames or bikes from

They seem to have good value at the moment but on google translate its not that clear that they don't ship bikes outside Holland (I'm based in Ireland). Have tried contacting them but haven't got any reply.




  • Phone them, in Holland everybody speaks English
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  • t4tomot4tomo Posts: 2,643
    start off with "goedemorgen" pronounced Hoo-dur-morgan and proceed from there. Phone before 12 noon though :wink:
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  • markwb79markwb79 Posts: 937
    haha. No chance will they speak English I am afraid.

    I live here and go quite a lot. Its really hard work with my broken Dutch.

    its like an aladin's cave of bike stuff. mega bargains to be had, but you do need to go there in my opinion.

    They want to start up a online business, but it is down on their priorities. They do the add things through the Dutch version of Marktplaats.
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  • ademortademort Posts: 1,924
    Obviously you cant read whats on their website as it,s in Dutch, but basically what Vos say is that they send bikes via the post with reluctance. They prefer the buyer to come to the shop and get fitted up correctly and also sometimes when people see a bike or frame on the web it looks much different than when you see it in the flesh. Vos go on to say that coming into the shop having a fit up and seeing the bike with your own eyes will avoid any disappointment and ensure that the bike is set up correctly and working correctly before it leaves the shop.
    I know Vos in Zwanenburg, they are a shop thats loved by some and hated by others. In Dutch they are referred to as a "Fietsboer" or bike farmer. This is because of thier service and enormous turnover. They sell over 2000 pinarello frames yearly. They are very quick with your fit up and take no longer than 45 minutes to assemble your bike, and i,m not joking. You can wait in there restaurant while your waiting for your bike to be assembled. Dont expect too much pampering though, it does not matter if you spend €500 or €15000 you will be dealt with very quickly and businesslike. Don,t expect any hardsell tactics or bull@it either. Vos dont care what you buy they just want your money. I can assure you it,s well worth a visit.Also there prices and bargains are almost unbeatable.
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