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Good evening, any help appreciated.

Currently running 12-25 Campag Veloce with a short rear derailleur, would like the option of trying a 13-26/29. Question is, would I be able to do this with the short derailleur ?

Thank you


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    Kingy911 wrote:
    Question is, would I be able to do this with the short derailleur ?

    Thank you

    With the current mechs, officially yes. With the older ones (pre 2011 I think), officially no but probably yes! I occasionally run a 13-29 cassette with 50-34 chainrings and it is fine - infact I reckon it could cope with 12-29 as well if there was such a cassette. But it isn't a dead cert. You'll have to try it and see. Would help though if you named your bike!
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    sorry i didn't realise the make of bike would make a differance :oops: Ribble Ultralite, Campag Veloce with Eurus wheels
  • Probably but I wouldnt do it longtime.
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    i run a 50/34 with a 13/29 with a 2010 shrt reach Record rear mech for certain hilly sportives as well as my annual trip to the Alps with no problems at all. I do have to fit a chain which has a couple of extra links in it though and I try and avoid going 'big/big' although it has happened a few times without any issues.
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    Same here - I've got a Miche 12-29 cassette which I run on a 2010 Centaur short cage mech with a compact front. There's plenty of capacity for it - even though it's an official no-no.

    One issue though may be chainstay length - and how that effects the length of the chain. If the ideal chain length for the big-big combination falls just short of a full link of the chain, then you'll have to add a link-pair and effectively loose about 1 inch of chain capacity - which is a couple of teeth. It might be enough to stop a 12-29 or 13-29 working with a short-cage compact setup.
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    Thanks for replies, appreciated.