Help! creaking from saddle

andy 3654
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On my last 2 rides there has been an annoying and slightly worrying creaking sound from the saddle when any wieght is put on it.

Tried tightening up the saddle clamp yet it still persists.

Any one have any thoughts or suggestions how to fix it?

Plus I need a torque wrench good brands for not a fortune spent?


  • Anonymous
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    Is it carbon with carbon rails?
  • Ill double check but dont look or feel like carbon so ill say its alu for now.
  • simona75
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    Are you sure its the saddle? I've had similar creakings when sat down and it was the seatpost slightly knocking against the frame (which some carbon paste soon cleared up)
  • Its not a sound I have experienced before so I don't know the bike is probably due a service done 1100 miles since new so Ill look into it.
  • chris_bass
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    too much fibre before the ride!? - a site for sore eyes
  • I've had sounds that I swore were coming from the saddle, but afterwards I found out it was the pedals.
  • carl69
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    I had what sounds like the same noise a while ago. A blast of rocket 40 on the saddle clamps and noise went. mine was a specialized saddle and I, ve since spoken to 2 others who had the same problem. Wished I, d invented wd40 great stuff.
  • desweller
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    The rails are free to float at the back of the saddle. Sometimes they creak; run a bit of oil in there and it should cure it.
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  • Try adding grease to contact points between frame / seat post.
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