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Giant revel 3 should I service rear hub????

ellis2012ellis2012 Posts: 29
edited February 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
My rear wheel has had some side to side movement afew times and I just tighten the cones which cure it.
Just thought this time is it worth while stripping the axle, clean and grease the bearings?
I have ordered a cassette tool and whip.
Just worry because I never done this before but sounds like a simple job from all the advice I have read so far.
I have a giant revel 3 2012 that gets riden at trail centres once a week.
Thanks for any reply


  • Yes, would be a good idea. Make sure you lock the cones as tight as you can to stop it working loose again.
  • Thanks for reply.
    I prob will then. Only thing is that when I adjusted cones before they had to be just right so wheel would go arou d and there was minimal wobble. Is this about right?
    U mentioned lock as tights you can?
    Sorry if a silly question!
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    The cones need to be just loose enough to let the wheel turn smoothly, the lock nuts need to be really tight. To stop the cones loosening.
    Are you using cone spanners?
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  • UliUli Posts: 190
    There are good guides online how to service C&C hubs (park tools, Bikeradar, pinkbike etc). You must get the tension in bearings right especially if you have QR wheels.
  • I remember now from last time I did it. And they were as tight as I could them.
    Just ground down some old spanners at work to fit the cone :) tight censored I am.
    Thanks for all your info. Will give it a go!
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