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JACE100JACE100 Posts: 47
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Anyone ever bought a bike from these? I'm looking into my first road bike and they seem to stock a good range of manufacturer's. I would like to try at least 3 different bikes before making a decision. Any experiences from you guys?



  • ajb72ajb72 Posts: 1,178
    I have been in the Cheltenham store many, many times and always found them incredibly helpful. I have not bought a bike there but have had good advice on wheels, helmets and shoes etc. My brother has all his maintenance work done there too and has been very happy.

    The range of bikes is huge right now, although I'm not sure about the other stores as I know Daventry and Nottingham are a bit smaller. I'm not sure where you live but try and get to a store and I'm sure you'll be looked after
  • Thanks for the reply. I'm looking at the Daventry one but would be willing to travel to Nottingham if the bikes I want to try are not available at Daventry.
  • ajb72ajb72 Posts: 1,178
    I bought a specialised s-works mtb up there, but so long ago I don't think it would be all that relevant to you now. They were very good about sorting out a couple of issues (it was a 2nd hand buy) but it must have been 10 years ago now!

    Nottingham was quite a bit larger than the Daventry store when I last went (3-4 years ago?) and unless they have move I'd be surprised if they carry as much stock. Worth a call before you set off, but no doubt you've already considered that in wanting to arrange test rides.
  • Thanks for the reply. Will be ringing them before i go to check they have the bikes I want and also the frame sizes I will need.
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Used the Preston & Lancaster ones - they are fine. Good mechanics I thought.
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  • I took my wife to their Cheltenham store to buy her first road bike, we went with an open mind and looked at quite a few different bikes, we eventually came away with a Cube Peloton. The service was excellent, she had a proper measure up and sat on a few different bikes. She was able to test bikes around the block, their advice was very sound. They were helpful, certainly not pushy and I would definitely go back again.
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  • Sounds like exactly what i'm looking for, excited now :)
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    Bought a Spesh Secteur Elite from the Nottingham outlet just over 2 years ago. Friendly and helpful. Was able to test ride a couple of sizes before I made my choice.

    Only slight negative was that they are based in Long Eaton and there are no real hills close by to allow you to get the feel of any bike in climbing mode.

    The bike was a 2010 model being sold off at the end of the season and it was discounted by about 25%. Was able to haggle another £25 off the price and had a couple of bottle cages and bottles thrown in for good measure.

    All in all a pretty good experience.

    They also do a good 0% finance option if that is of interest
  • 0% finance will be required :)
  • Bought my first MTB from the Cheltenham store & they were pretty good.

    Have bought some tyres & components from the Daventry store and the staff seem friendly and helpful.
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  • patrickfpatrickf Posts: 536
    I bought my bike from their Nottingham store (in Breaston). I'd consider them my LBS and have always had great service.
  • petecopeteco Posts: 184
    Have bought 2 bikes from their Wolverhampton store - no issues and good staff.

  • AFF40NAFF40N Posts: 33
    I bought a road bike from the Wolverhampton store. They price matched for me so I got a great deal although would not give me 0% finance, that was two bites of the cherry......
  • cubicboycubicboy Posts: 117
    The Nottingham store is very good... although to call it 'Nottingham' is stretching things slightly. I've had nothing but good experiences with them and in my opinion they are the only shop selling quality bikes in our area. They're like a big LBS.
  • lm_treklm_trek Posts: 1,470
    There mail order system is great, ordered my speshi camber through them, bike turned up on the agreed day. I had one niggle the brake lever was bent. I just called them up, 3 days later a replacement blade turned up in the post, no charge. They didn't ask the bent one back or even a photo to confirm, no questions asked.

    Also picked up a previous bike from them as well, might be seeing how they value bikes for trade in soon as im tempted to a new roadie.
  • Use the Preston branch a lot and all the guys are very knowledgeable and they all seem to have personal disciplines I.e. road, mountain bmx etc... The engineers are top notch too!
    Highly recommend.
  • vs4bvs4b Posts: 257
    Bought my mistral in ll Cheltenham. Very helpful and especially so when I had issues withe the flex in the wheel set in the first week. Upgraded the wheels no bother with no extra money. Could not have been better service!
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