Five Bikes Stolen Overnight - IG3 Area

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Had 5 bikes stolen from my garden shed overnight. They were all padlocked together along with 3 other bikes that were left.

Thieves broke in by cutting through felt and wood on she roof. Shed is totally destroyed as a result. They had to lift bikes out of shed and over 6 foot high fence to get them away

1. Ribble Blue winter road bike with black mudguards - medium sized frame - spd pedals
2. Donohue framed Fixed wheel bike with race blade mudguards and on seatpost the block for a carradice saddle back - coulour - red/ purple ( I'm colour blind) - spd pedals
3. Blue framed fixed wheel bike - make unknown - possibly missing pedals
4. Trek White / Grey ladies road bike - small size - spd pedals
5. Gold coloured Giant flat barred road bike - flat pedals

bike 2 has mount for Garmin 800 GPS & rear wheel speed/ cadence sensor
Bike 1 has older Cateye 2 computer on it
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