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How's the mud where you are ?

Hacker60Hacker60 Posts: 73
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How are the trails holding up ?

I'm based in Chelmsford. Essex and ride Danbury, Hylands Park, Epping Forest
And some small local woodlands but I want to make a positive start to this years MTB Riding so I was wnondering how the trails are coping with the winter weather. I was looking at Thetford Forest, Ashton Hill, Chicksands and Kent Area,
Don't mind a bit of travelling for my rides but as my local stuff is really wet I confined to Tarmac till the weather really turns.

Anywhere looking good ?
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  • miss notaxmiss notax Posts: 2,572
    Well, it's a bloody nightmare in the New Forest so I wouldn't head this way!

    It's all just so waterlogged :( I rode in the Cotswolds a few weekends ago to try a new area and yup, you guessed it, that was an utter flooded mud-fest too :roll:

    I quite like riding in mud ocassionally but even my sense of humour is being tested to the limit! I am convinced I am actually spending mroe time cleaning my bike than riding it at the moment, which is not good.....

    Good luck finding somewhere mud-free (and if you do, let me know :lol: )
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  • booldawgbooldawg Posts: 290
    need a severe dry spell to soak this lot up! Theres a few fireroad bits round near me that'll do for now. Enough to link up a 15 miler without too much repetition.

    Did the SDW from Harting to Cocking, even though its the muddiest I've ever seen it, there werent any unrideable parts.
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  • I was at Chicksands yesterday, bit of a mixed bag really. Parts of it were fine, other parts involved trudging through about a foot deep of sloppy mud. I have seen it worse, though.
  • I'm not saying mud isn't fun but, the hours of extra cleaning
    and maintenance are a drag, not to mention the wife moaning
    about washing endless sets of riding kit. Got my Scott hardtail
    setup with road slicks to get some miles in.

    What tyres you all running in the muddy stuff ? Just switched my Maxxis Minnions
    to a set of Conti Mountain King 2.2 (bought cheap off e-bay) look like a decent open tree
    But won't be trying them out till Saturday, hopefully in Epping.
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  • That's "tread" not tree, never a good idea to ride
    a tree in muddy conditions, ok in the dry though ;)
    Scott Scale 60 - Stock
    Spesh FSRXC - Custom
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