Wheel skewer spings

oneimaginaryboy Posts: 16
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Does anyone know how important the little springs that sit between wheel skewers and the wheel are?
I lost one today and as an a supplementary question does anyone know where one may obtain a replacement.
Any replies gratefully received.


  • marcusjb
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    Any bike shop will have spares. Not expensive.

    They serve no purpose once the QR is tightened, they merely make it easier to refit the wheel by holding the skewer central.
  • Bobbinogs
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    ^^ Wot he said. The SKS Raceblade long mudguards actually recommend to take the springs off to fit so it is perfectly ok to ride without the springs (I have been doing so all winter).
  • ddraver
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    Yeah they don't ''matter'' but they make putting the wheel back in a tiny tinsy bit easier...
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