Need help with a charity event. please look

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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted much but been reading for a while.

I'm looking for a little help, My friend and i are going to complete (hopefully) the Ironman 70.3 uk.
We are raising money for the Scope charity .

The event isn't untill the middle of june but my friend and i are members of the Royal Air Force and are deployed next month, arriving back shortly before the event.

Now, here is where i need help. I am trying to arrange a couple of fundraising events at some local supermarkets etc. We are hoping to have both our bikes set up on turbo trainers, with a table, collection tins and the usual posters and ballons.

The problem being, neither of us own a turbo trainer. So i was wondering (a long shot i know), if anyone in the hampshire area (basingstoke/reading) has a turbo trainer or two that we could borrow for the fundraising. We could leave a deposit for them if that makes it more comfortable and any other details you would like to make you comfortable that we aren't going to scarper with them!

It sounds stinjy I know, but for us both to fork out £100 odd quid for something that we are going to use a couple of times, and then leave for Afghan seems silly if this option works.

Hope someone can help.



  • Why don't you have a word with one of your local bike shops? They may help out given that it's a good cause, or might be able to rent you a couple for a day. They might see it as an opportunity to sponsor you for some publicity.
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    I had thought of that, but didn't think I stood a chance.

    Will go down that route also.

    If it doesn't happen and no one can help, does anyone know what the cheapest turbo trainer is out there?
  • Other option is your local cycling club. A lot of clubs have turbo nights during the winter so have a few trainers that they could possibly loan out.
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    if you can arrange collection from central london, i'll give you one

    you can either keep it or flog it for the charity

    pm me if you want to go ahead
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  • This may be a stupid question, but have you tried contacting the RAF Cycling Association, or your local PEd flight?
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    dodger421 wrote:
    This may be a stupid question, but have you tried contacting the RAF Cycling Association, or your local PEd flight?

    +1 or, what about the RAF Tri Association? Give Marc Preece a call, details here:

    He's a cyclists turned triathlete and should help if he can. Dont take any crap off him, I remember him when he was a SAC working in Supply :wink:

    There must be a keen cyclist on station who has one? The Sgts/Officers mess may be worth a punt too, they usually have small gym facilities

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