Felt Z95 and SKS Race Blades

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Has anyone had success fitting Race Blades to a Felt Z95. Standard tyres are 25mm.

Also, cheapest supplier for them?

Felt z95 - loving my first road bike


  • I've got a Z95 and the race blades fitted easily, although I do have 23mm tyres. I got my raceblades from probikekit, but that was a while ago so wouldn't know current prices
  • I'd be interested to know how you get on. I put Crud Road Racer 2s on my Z95 with the stock 25mm tyres and they rubbed. They run ok on my other bike with 23s.

    I think the Race Blades are a sturdier set up and I think I'll go for them next year. They look very easy to fit if you look out the window and think it's going to be a bit wet, whereas the race blades are a wheels off affair to get on/off.
  • @woody2359: they are fitted, the rear took a tad longer than the front (wine in the way). I like the extended rear blade to keep crud from the front mech - nice design feature. Fitting straightforward overall (done with no lost or spare parts!) The fit is neither tight nor loose, so yes a very slight rub when out of the seat. Reckon I could solve this by trimming some of the 'hairs' from the pads. They look discrete when on the back (like the Frog Knog look discrete - they are there but you have to look to see them).

    Only used in the dry so far but 'found' puddles - dry bum so far.

    Will report back again after a wet use.
    Felt z95 - loving my first road bike
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    I just took the pads off the guards all together on the RR2, no rubbing now and no compromise in effectiveness.