First 40 plus ride

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Hi lads just thought is let u all know I just completed my first 40 plus ride went 42.7 miles my longest ride prior to this was 26 miles that was on a mountain bike I done that in 2 hours 59 mins felt pretty good


  • Fantastic stuff mate, its a brilliant feeling isn't it!!!

    Keep up the great work!!
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  • Congrats :) It's the milestones that (whatever we say) we aim for.

    Now on to 50 miles. Then the first biggy: 100Km (63 ish miles)

    Don't push too hard, feel good. Have a beer 8)
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  • Gratz!
    Is the gorilla tired yet?
  • Mikey41
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    Well done!

    Looks like I'll be going for the 50 miles milestone in about 3 weeks time on my first Sportive in Leeds. 25 is quite comfortable now, so fingers crossed.
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    nice one,cracking ride and good luck on the next target.
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  • Cheers lads next one is the big 50 could off done it then but don't wanna over train and get a injury so slowly does it couple weeks time gonna build up to the 50 fingers crossed yeah when I see my gps say 40 miles that was a fantastic feeling I must admit
  • vala
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    Well done mate! Hopefully i'll be cracking the 40 mile barrier next weekend!