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Has anyvody tried Malvic cosmic elit, Mavic cosmic Carbon SL or fulcrum racing 3.

I'm confused on which one to buy. I mainly ride on flat and a little bit of climbing as i live in canada.

My weight is 160lbs. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • BikeSwanBikeSwan Posts: 260
    These three wheelsets are all very different in price, so it's hard to compare them. I also live in Canada, and I use Mavic Ksyrium SL's on my bike. I think if I bought another wheelset i'd go for aero over light weight though. So my money would be on the Mavic Cosmic Carbon SL's. But if I was buying a wheelset in that price range, i'd consider the Easton line of wheels too.
  • I have only driven in Canada, quite extensively... I always thought there are very few roads for a cyclist... but they are very well paved, so why not going for tubulars? They are so much more fun and lighter and better... What are the chances of a puncture in Canada?
    Punctures are a UK thing, I go to Italy twice a year and do about 800 miles there every year, last puncture was nearly 20 years ago
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  • All good wheels.

    Ive got the Cosmic Carbs SL, and they are very good for what i need, mixture of flats and hills. There are better hill climbing wheels and better flat road wheels around but also pricier, but as an all-round compromise they are a very good middle ground and of course look quite bling :) . I weigh 270lbs and havent had a problem with them despite what others may post about them.

    Good luck
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