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Chainset and cassette advice

d8mokd8mok Posts: 107
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I left changing my chain on my stumpy until over 2500 miles and after my first short ride today it's apparent that maybe the cassette and /or chain rings are worn too much too as its slipping.

It appears to only slip when using middle chainring , and the higher gears at the rear. If I use big chainring and middle etc its fine.

So now my options are re fit my old chain that didn't slip and run it until death. Buy new cassette , and chainset/rings as I go along and fit them when needed. Not wanting to spend lots at moment as up coming holiday taking all money.

Or maybe I could get new cassette and buy the middle chainring from merlin and hope the outer and inner stay ok.

Chainset is M762 Xt hollowtech and cassette is XT too.

Was thinking of a SRAM pg 990 cassette from merlin at £45

And these ... rings.html

Any help appreciated.



  • You need to change your chain before it does damage to other bit.

    I'd try a new cassette first XT is what I like and then see how that goes, the move in to the rings
  • d8mokd8mok Posts: 107
    Yeh I realise I should of changed it sooner. Entirely my fault.

    Just pricing up bits. My current cassette is actually hg50 not xt so it's only £15 to replace.
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    I'd stick the old chain back on for a couple of months - no point fitting new transmission with the trails as wet as they are!
  • d8mokd8mok Posts: 107
    Found some cheap xt m761 cranks at merlin at £85. I could sell the bb as I've just fitted a new one. Only prob is that they 170mm and currently have 175mm
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    Doubt you'd notice the difference.
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  • d8mokd8mok Posts: 107
    I assume m762 , m760 and m761 are the same apart from colour?
  • d8mokd8mok Posts: 107
    Ok, so I've ordered a xt cassette as the alloy carrier should be kinder to my hope hubs.

    Now onto the chainset.

    Option 1 is buy the small, and middle chainring (£30) and hope the bigger chain ring doesn't ned changing. It appears ok at moment but who knows.

    Option 2 is buy a M761 chainset from merlin at £85. Comes with correct size rings but is 170 opposed to my current xt being 175. But I could sell the bb as I've just fitted a new one.

    Option 3 is buy a shiny race face crankset for £95 from ribble. Correct size in every way. Can I use my current xt bb? I've got these on another bike but not used it much to compare. How does it compare to xt? I could sell the race face bb too.

    These are them ... acecham200
  • Just buy the rings, perhaps just the middle even.
  • d8mokd8mok Posts: 107
    The little one def needs changing for sure.
  • lock1981lock1981 Posts: 546
    I tried skimping before an trust me when your putting the pressure on and the chain starts slipping on climbs , you wanna chuck your bike off the cliff! Best getting cassette and chain middle ring and if you use the granny a lot get one too! It's not worth not buying cos it will cost again in the long run. Best getting the tool that measures chain stretch. If you keep on top of it you can just. Change chain rather than everything at once.

    I'm the guy with 5 split links in my chain then have to change everything :)

    Buy all new and keep on top of chain stretch
  • Option 1) Chances are you've spent most of your time on the middle & granny rings so the outer is still fine. If your looking for longevity over weight saving then the steel Deore M530/M532 chainrings will fit and are cheaper.

    Option 2) You probably won't notice the difference. The diameter your foot rotates will only be 1cm smaller & you'll have a bit of extra clearance on your down foot.

    Option 3) A nice bit of bling & will fit your existing BB.

    Personally with both options 2 & 3 I'd keep the BB as a spare for when your current one fails.
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Option 2 - fit the rings to your exsiting cranks and sell the brand new cranks.
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