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I have sent a few emails to some clubs in my area with the idea of racing criteriums this year, however, one mentioned "it could be possible to enter as a guest" as im new to racing can someone shed some light on what this means for me?



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    Are you based in the UK? I haven't heard of a club organising races just for members. Usually, they're posted on the British Cycling website and you can enter there.
  • Yehh in the UK, I've sorted all my bc stuff and got a provisional licence. im interested in joining a club to race but the above statement i found to be confusing. are clubs limited to how many riders they can have entered per crit?
  • Maybe they mean a guest member of the club & offering a reduced entry fee? I have seen it done a few times but not that much now.
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    It probably means you can enter the event, but won't be eligible for series point etc. The club may have limited access or insurance arrangements with the circuit in question.
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    If you are a BC member then you can race as a private member without joining a club. Have you contacted clubs that are promoting races or just clubs that are close to you? I would say join a club if you can. You can just turn up and ride most closed circuit races (providing the race caters for your category which, if you are over 16 is going to be 4th cat as a new rider). Courses will have a rider limit and most races are first come first served but I would suggest looking at the event calendar on the BC website for suitable races in your area and contacting the organiser.