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Jens Top Tube.

tim wandtim wand Posts: 2,945
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I m not a big fan of Names or anything on the bike , unless you are of course part of the Pro Peleton and one man who has been there for 17 years , Jens Voight has the following.

"Shut up Legs" 805,000 Kms , 3100 Kgs of Pasta, 110 Stitches, 100 crashes and 64 wins (Sod it you can read the rest yourself)

Why hasnt it got and I m Angelina Jolies dad on it too ?

Seriously though the guy is a legend, What would your top tube have on it?


God knows but certainly not enough KMs ridden (Besides I ride Miles you metric nazis)
3100 Pies eaten (Last Year alone)
Several Mister Men Mr Bump plasters
Never crashed! too slow (except when coasting to a stop and forgetting to unclip)
Every Ride a Victory.


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