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I'm looking for views on the best all round tyre. The one I am looking for would be good rolling, grippy in a veriaty of conditions. It would also be light but with a good resistance to punctures.
This is for general riding on tracks but not racing or realy rough stuff. My budget is £25 max.
Any suggestions would be welcome.


  • Specialized Captain tyres are brilliant.
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    I use panaracer xc pro.

    I think they are good year round tyres but are quite nobbly. May be worth a look, prob have reviews on here.

    Folding should be in your budget.
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    All round ones are generally better than those all square ones.

    Maxxis Ignitors. Exception (soft) series.
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    Rubber Queens are my top of the pile, but only in the very expensive black chili compound. A cheaper alternative is Highrollers. And I've just bought some Muddy Marys, I'm hoping they will live upto the hype. Spesh tyres are good too. To be honest, it's easier to list bad tyres...
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    It's totally personal - hence the 4 different recommendations above. There's no panacea, and light, fast, grippy, cheap and puncture proof are completely at odds, you're never going to satisfy all of those criteria.

    Personally I'd say Captains are a half reasonable shout. They're not light though, and the S-Works guise, which is the lightest aren't that tough.

    Nobby Nics are good, but a lot of people don't find them very tough.

    IMO Fire XC Pros are about the worst tyres out there. Heavy and slow, whilst having no grip.

    But as I said, it's personal.
  • I second Specialized Captains, either both ends or teamed with a Purgatory on front, and both 2bliss as well
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  • Nobby Nic work for me. Never really found them any more puncture prone than any equivalent tyre. Panaracers less supple and heavier.
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  • +1 XC Fire Pro's folding. Work well enough all year round. Conti verts also good in 2.3 guise.

    Nobby Nics were poor, very poor.
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    Nobby Nics are awful - wish I'd never bought them. Never had so many punctures, and less grip. Used to replace Spesh Captains - mistake
    MTB or Road - They are both good!
  • bennett_346
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    I remember a couple of years ago when everyone on this forum was reccomending people Nobby Nics.
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    Captains are good all rounders at the dryer/harder end of the spectrum. I have Kenda Nevegals as all rounders for the softer/wetter/muddier/looser surface end as the Captains dont tend to dig in well enough for that. Nevegals are great as long as you dont go on tarmac, when they drag.

    Having said that, if the mud gets really boggy then both of these clog terribly and I also have Bonty Mud-X for those conditions...

    There are lots of other favourites for different people as above though - havent tried the Fire XCs but have heard LOADS of people raving about them.
  • bluechair84
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    I was into Fire XCs 12 years ago when they were a revelation over Tioga XCs. They were pretty good in rocky circumstances, but not so great all round. They pinch-flatted waaay too often. I've not been back since. But as others have said, personal preference...
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    I still prefer nobby nics! Nice. light and grippy. I usually pair it with a racing ralph on the rear.
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    Manny514 wrote:
    I second Specialized Captains, either both ends or teamed with a Purgatory on front, and both 2bliss as well
  • bennett_346
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    I used that combo for months and it never faulted. Not light tyres for what they are but work well in most conditions and roll well.
  • I love the maxxis advantage's 60A compound, pretty grippy whilst being reasonably fast rolling and predictable wet or dry, at least how I find them.
  • Used to run XC Fire Pros front and back and they were great in all conditions for me mostly at Cannock, also surprisingly good on the road too.

    Recently changed the front to Bontrager XR4 and kept the Panny on the back.
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  • I have the bog standard Conti mountain king MK2 front and rear (cost like £18 each) and they are bloody outstanding.
    Miles better than ignitors I used previously!
  • Of course if you're talking about mud what about the old favourite specialized storm controls. ( You might be able tell from this and the previous post I'm a big fan of specialized tyres, they offer a good balance between performance and price. )
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  • Cant see by Maxis but ive just put some continetals on my sons bike and I was very impressed with grip price and quality.
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    I quite like my conti x-kings but there is no such thing as the best all round tyre. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • I remember a couple of years ago when everyone on this forum was reccomending people Nobby Nics.

    Nah i always slandered them, go back and look. :)