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Specialized sirrus elite vs trek 7.4 fx

Garymac1878Garymac1878 Posts: 5
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I am taking the cycle to work scheme through work and have applied for a £650 voucher. Initially I was under the impression that I could only use the voucher in Halfords however much to my relief I have found a local bike shop that accepts the voucher. After much deliberation and nearly ordering a boardman mx race I have come to conclusion a rigid forked hybrid will better suite my needs. Much of my riding will be on road to gain general fitness with the occasional trip to the park etc and eventually a commute of approx 6 miles each way.

The 2 bikes I have narrowed it down to are specialized's sirrus elite (£650) and trek's 7.4 fx (£600) ... e-ec042535 ... e-ec040365

I would appreciate opinions as to which is best and any feedback from anybody who owns one of the bikes or even suggestions of alternatives as I am new to this.

I am 6ft 1 and 14st ish

Thanks in advance


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 9,271
    Personally i would have the Sirrus but i'm bound to say that i've got one. Spec on the Sirrus looks a bit better, although Trek are good bikes. Why not look at a road bike or CX bike instead of a Hybrid plenty out there within budget.
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  • oxoman wrote:
    Personally i would have the Sirrus but i'm bound to say that i've got one. Spec on the Sirrus looks a bit better, although Trek are good bikes. Why not look at a road bike or CX bike instead of a Hybrid plenty out there within budget.

    Thanks Oxoman I'm more inclined to go with a hybrid as I've not road for about 16 years and then it was all mountain bikes. I like the spec on the specialized but at the minute the carbon fork on the trek is swaying me. I will take a look at some cx bikes any suggestions within the £650 budget ?
  • Everyone's different, etc, but I got a Sirrus via C2W and now wish I'd gone straight for the road bike.

    Not that there's anything wrong with my Sirrus - it's a superb bike IMO - but the itch to get a road bike is still there. I do only commute via roads though (although not at the moment!).
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  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    Sirrus is a nice bike - I used one for a commute when the weather got a bit worse - but found myself itching to get on the drops again ... so bought a tricross (CX) - it's close enough to my roadbike to be nice to ride and I can always change the tyres once it dries up a bit so it'll be even closer ... benefits are drops and it can take mudguards (essential in this mornings rain!)

    Btw - 6 miles should be doable fairly soon - why not try it one weekend ...
  • robpowrobpow Posts: 10
    Two days ago I collected my new Sirrus Pro 2012 which on sale for £800 at the moment in Evans (others may match?) and while this was more than my company scheme voucher I'm glad I stretched for the Pro instead of the Elite Disc I was looking at first. After test driving both I preferred the shifting action and the lighter weight of the Pro and it's got more than enough stopping power with its rim brakes even in the wet.

    I can recommend it if you can stretch your budget, or maybe it'll drop a bit more in price if you're willing to play the waiting game :)

  • +1 for the Sirrus. I've had one for a while now and it's fantastic. I went through a succession of other bikes before that. I changed out the tyres to 23s, and put R501 wheels on it, lovely and zippy. But agree...the itch for a road bike will eventually present ittself. I'm trying to decide between the Ribble 7005 Winter or the new Ribble 525 REynolds (my 'fun' bike is a Ribble Gran Fondo but not for commuting).
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 9,271
    As several people have already stated they like me got Hybrids then either wished they had gone to roadbikes or converted pretty quickly myself included. I got myself a roadbike and now use that for commuting as lighter and quicker than my Sirrus. Might be worth having another think about it or trying a roadbike out. For your info i also went from a roadbike to a car for nearly 20 years then MTB for pleasure then commute then Hybrid then roadbike and haven't looked back. I am currently the wrong side of 40 as well.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • amackamack Posts: 70
    I have a Specialized Crosstrail but I wish I'd got the Sirrus Pro as I mostly ride with the forks locked and any off road I do can be done the same, waste of money! Anyway the upright position you'll get on the Sirrus will help you in traffic especially as you maybe don't have lots of experience commuting. I would defnitely reccomend the Sirrus and if I was buying again would have bought the Sirrus over the Crosstrail. They might be expensive compared to other brands but they're well built and I've had no bother with mine.
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