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Converting my Trance to 2x10 - what do I need?

rapid_donkeyrapid_donkey Posts: 448
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I have a 2011 Trance X3 - ... 1b4s1p3505

Im thinking of converting it to 2x10 (its currently 3x10) and fitting a Blackspire Stinger.

Am I right in thinking I dont have to touch the rear cassette or gearing setup, I would just need new front rings (can I keep the current cranks etc and just get 2 chain rings and a bash?), new front mech and new shifter? Can I get all this in SLX so it matches whats already fitted?

Also, when looking at the Blackspire, it seems it can be ISGC mounted, or BB mounted. I will be completely honest, I dont know what this means! My bike has a press-fit BB30 bottom bracket.

If anyone is particularly bored and feeling helpful, I would appreciate a shopping list with links to where I can get all the bits from so I know what Im looking at!



  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    You only need a bash, unless you want to change your ratios, in which case you need two rings and a bash (in appropriate size).

    You don't need a stinger - run it as is and if you feel you need one afterwards just get one.
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    I ran my Trance 2x10. You just need to fit a bash and adjust the front mech limit screws.
    I tried a Stinger on my 2010 Trance X and it wouldn't fit, it hit the underside of the chainstay so I couldn't get it to a useful position. It may work on the earlier or later frames and it would be the BB type fitting, the Trance has never had ISCG tabs.
  • symanoysymanoy Posts: 123
    I run my Trance 2x10, mine had SLX cranks already, all I did was pop off the outer ring and replace it with a bash and swap the middle ring out for a 38. dead easy cost about £20. I run mine 24/38 for a nice wide range which works for me, but you might want to do it differently.

    I wouldn't bother with the stinger, take a few links out, and if your losing your chain a lot consider a clutch rear mech rather than a stinger.
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  • Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

    I was under the impression I would need a new front mech and shifter. Can I get a bash guard from anywhere that will fit ok?

    One of the reasons I am thinking of doing all this is I get alot of chain slap, hence the stinger. I considered leaving the gearing as it is and getting a Bionicon chain guide, but they seem to have mixed reviews.
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    Just about any 4 bolt bash will fit. You just need to adjust the stop screw on your front mech so that it stops at the middle ring. If you have a long cage rear mech then a medium cage would be better and help reduce chain slap, Shimano Zee mechs are pretty cheap and very good.
  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    Zee mechs only have the capacity for 1x10, don't they?
  • dhooper7dhooper7 Posts: 156
    My missus has a 2012 Trance X 1 W.
    Just replaced the outer ring with a Hope 32-34t bash guard and adjusted the limiting screws on the fmech.

    Gonna monitor chain slap, doubt I will need to buy anything else but if I do will be getting a Bionicon.
    It has a pressfit BB so cant fit any kind of bb chain device (iscg bracket wont fit due to pivot arm).
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  • Yeah for the chain slap I was looking at getting one of these E13 Heim triple ring chain devices ... oogleBase1 but I dont think its compatible with press fit bottom brackets!
  • RockmonkeySCRockmonkeySC Posts: 14,770
    Those triple chain devices are pretty pointless. To be fair a big ring is useless off road
  • symanoysymanoy Posts: 123
    When getting a bash make sure its size (expressed in number of teeth e.g. 38-40t) is the same as your bigger ring, No need to replace mechs or shifters, limit screws need to be adjusted but that should be it!

    Shorten your chain after you convert, but I wouldn't bother with a chain device, extra weight, extra drag on your pedalling, and extra money! If chain slap is an issue, I would try a medium cage rear mech or even better a clutch rear mech as this will maintain chain tension without the added bulk and drag of a chain device.
    Giant Trance X2 Build Sadly since stolen!
    replaced with Giant Trance MKII
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