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Giant escape 2,flat to road bars ?

dave02dave02 Posts: 325
edited February 2013 in Road beginners
Hi I have a Giant Hybrid and would like to put road bars on it , whats involved and what would it cost, It was my first bike and i went for a more sedate ride position but now i want to make it more of a "Sportive" ride, I also have a Canyon Road bike and a Specialised Epic off roader so cant afford another bike.


  • SproolSprool Posts: 1,022
    it will cost you about £55
  • dave02dave02 Posts: 325
    Ta, what stuff do i need, is it a big job to change the gear leavers etc
  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    If I have found the right specs for your bike it appears to have V-brakes and 8 speed MTB transmission. AFAIK you can't really use road bike shifters for either.

    You could put drop bars on and mount your existing shifters & brake levers on the tops?
  • dave02dave02 Posts: 325
    thanks for the info, looks like i will need to get another bike (bummer).
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