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Calling all owners of Whistle road bikes.

PeterH2PeterH2 Posts: 3
edited January 2013 in Road buying advice
I’m thinking of buying a Whistle Sauk with Shimano Ultegra components or a Whistle Crow with Shimano 105 components. Both are last yrs models both at roughly half price £1600 down to £800. The prices suggest to me that the Crow carbon frame is somehow better than the Sauk Carbon frame, because of the ranking of the Ultegra groupset over the 105 groupset. Does anyone have any comments about relative merits or lack of merits of one or both frames, or of the bikes ?

Secondly if I go ahead with this I’m going to have to do over the internet without first riding the bike. Does anyone have any comments about how hard the ride is for either bike. I’m coming from riding a Diamondback Axis mountain bike which has a triple butted steel frame, it’s a lovely bike but I want to try a road race bike. I know the road bike will be a harder ride but I’m just trying to gauge opinion before taking the plunge. The other bike I have considered is Halfords Carrera Virago, also Carbon framed at £999.

I would welcome any comments.
Thanks. :)
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