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Is this a stupid question?

GT_DaveGT_Dave Posts: 161
edited January 2013 in Road beginners
Hi all, someone once said theres no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people so here goes....... :P

I have fitted the QR skewer that came with my turbo trainer, should I fit the origonal one when i go out for a ride or will the turbo trainer one be ok?

I dont want to have a catastrophic accident and be mocked for using the wrong one!! :oops:

I await your mocking replys :D


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    edited January 2013
    No experience of trainers, but why would you not just put originals back on anyway?
    How do the skewers differ? same weight/length?

    Dont you have to have different tyre for a turbo trainer anyway?
  • ic.ic. Posts: 769
    It'll be fine. It's just probably a bit heavier and a bit uglier than you're used to.

    They give you a special one to use so they can be sure of a good fit with the ratched on the turbo, some QRs are very daft shapes

    You don't HAVE to have a special tyre, but be aware your existing ones lifespan can be reduced due to heat build up
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  • sancho_uksancho_uk Posts: 141
    No need to change back to your original skewer riding on the Turbo Trainer one is fine.

    I do with mine..

    However if i was going anywhere of note, I would switch back to my original skewer just because it looks prettier than the clunky grey metal one used for my Turbo Trainer..

    Built for the same purpose though, the only difference as far as I am aware is the exterior for clamping to the trainer itself.
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  • To be honest I still have my turbo QR on the winter bike & have no issues with it. Only a bit heavier but still designed to work in the same way so you wont have an accident. To those riders who mock you just show them your rear wheel and what the turbo training has done for you!!!!!
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  • GT_DaveGT_Dave Posts: 161
    Brilliant, cheers for the advice guys :-)
  • ForumNewbieForumNewbie Posts: 1,664
    You just need to ensure that if you do use a specific Turbo Trainer tyre, you can't use that on the road. I think that would be dangerous.
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