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Edge 500 question

seanoraweseanorawe Posts: 950
edited January 2013 in Road general
When I start the timer after the sattelite search is completed and im ready to go, I usually have to wait before I can go, as there is a red light outside my work. However my Edge 500 registers me as moving? After a minute of waiting at this light, my Garmin said I had moved 100 Feet? Anyone else have this problem?
Cube Attain SL Disc
Giant CRS 2.0


  • Have you set the Autopause to work? This should stop the timer when you are still for more than a few seconds.
  • seanoraweseanorawe Posts: 950
    I have just did it thanks. hopefully that will stop it
    Cube Attain SL Disc
    Giant CRS 2.0
  • AK_jnrAK_jnr Posts: 717
    I set my auto pause for 7mph, but as I use Strava it doesnt make a damn bit of difference due to them insisting you are at a complete stand (sit) still for 15 seconds.
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